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Welcome, welcome! This is the start of the section of our website where we attempt to show you what's going on. The hope is that this is full of useful, or at least interesting information.

Whats New In v.4.5.0

I'll try and keep the this list manageable and I'll try and not go too nuts on the technical jargon. I sometimes get carried away, so if you need any clarification - email me! Levon@ (our domain).

Booking Tables now have Search and Sort

You can now enter search terms into your bookings table as well as sort via the columns. Now you can search that big old archive of past bookings!

Update Booking Locations

If there was a mistake selecting the location, you can now update the booking location before accepting it. Look for the EDIT button next to the Location field when viewing a booking.

Light/Dark Theme REMOVED

This was causing issues for users, and we want to release this when we are able to fully support it. As of right now, our focus is pulled in other directions. This is not goodbye, just see you soon.

That's It For Now!

That's it for now! We're always working on new stuff, so stay tuned. If you're interested in learning more, you can DM us on Instagram: @tatobookings

Levon's Software Rant Corner

Hi! I'm Levon - as part of the team, I work primarily on writing the software that lives under the hood! This is the section where I get to share some of the less flashy details on what we're building. This is a part of our effort to showcase what we're building and engage the community of artists that have chosen to do business with us. Generally this will talk about a single topic that we've given some recent attention to, or maybe it's a tricky problem we found a nice solution for!

The Test Suite

Today is a little blurb about quality! This is an important one. Nowadays, people have expectations for software. We all expect it to simply work or we don't use it. Fair enough. Now, barring a million dollar a year SRE (Software Reliability Engineering) team, you're stuck with me for the time being. Something I spend a lot of time on (more than I'm willing to admit), and no one really gets to see, is our internal code called "The Test Suite." The test suite allows me to maintain an increasing degree of quality as we work to improve the website.

The tato website has a bunch of code that deals with bookings, view pages, etc. We also have code that only gets run internally and lives next to the website. This code exists simply to test whether or not things are working as expected. This is what I call our "test suite." As convoluted as it sounds - we write code that verifies the "main" tato code. As we add new features, this allows us to make big changes across the system and automatically see if our changes affect other parts of the site.

It's not perfect. There can be gaps in coverage (and there often are gaps - I'm working on it, it's big job!) We have to write tests everytime we add a new feature, or resolve a bug. Some bugs/features cannot be adaquately tested in the current version of our test suite. All this to say that we spend a great deal of effort on things that users don't immediately see but are part of the effort of producing the best software possible.

See You Next Time!

Yay, rant over! This is the first post, so I'm keeping it short! I've been wanting to start this "blog" thing for a long time now, and the best way to get started building something is to start REAL SMALL and go from there. Kinda like tato! We're starting out small, but we're continuing to improve! I have some juicy rants about other topics so stay tuned for the next riveting release notes.

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