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Welcome, welcome! This is the section of our website where we attempt to show you what's going on. The hope is that this is full of useful, or at least interesting information.

Whats New In v.5.0.0

I'll try and keep the this list manageable and I'll try and not go too nuts on the technical jargon. I sometimes get carried away, so if you need any clarification - email me! Levon@ (our domain).

FAQ Page Vastly Improved

The FAQ/Help page is actually helpful now! Lots of good information lives there, and we will continue to grow it as a resource for artists!

Tables Live Load

Just like modern software should, the tables now live-load (where you have to manually refresh the page to see changes previously.)

Bugfixes / Quality of Life

Lots of random bugs have been squashed. I know the job is not finished yet. We are working on it!!

Some Improved Warnings/Messages

Software can be vague about what is wrong. We have hopefully improved some common warning messages to better explain the situations.

Better Deposit Information

Our deposit policy can be a bit confusing. We have added a DEPOSIT tab in aritst booking popups that give a bit more information. This is an early concept, so it may change as time goes on.

Im Working on Calendar Syncing

A lot of folks are asking for calendar syncing! We hear you, and I'm working on it!!

That's It For Now!

That's it for now! We're always working on new stuff, so stay tuned. If you're interested in learning more, you can DM us on Instagram: @tatobookings

Levon's Software Rant Corner

Hi! I'm Levon - as part of the team, I work primarily on writing the software that lives under the hood! This is the section where I get to share some of the less flashy details on what we're building. This is a part of our effort to showcase what we're building and engage the community of artists that have chosen to do business with us. Generally this will talk about a single topic that we've given some recent attention to, or maybe it's a tricky problem we found a nice solution for!

Semantic Versioning

When we say things like ULTRA DELUXE Version 5.0.0 Professional Edition you might ask, What does that even mean?! and that would be a very fair question! Version numbers are a good way to measure progress in software. Outside of the people working on the software, the version numbers hold little to no meaning. You can certainly sound fancy with it!

It may sound obvious, but Semantic Versioning is a simple number scheme to give your version numbers common meaning. When/if other software developers plug into your code, it is helpful to tell them when things are different. We rely on other software to help with certain things. Knowing what version we're using is really helpful! Each number means something different. v1.2.3 essentially means there has been at least 1 change that doesn't work on previous versions, 2 things have been added, but don't break backwards-compatibility, and finally 3 PATCH/smaller changes. Usually bugfixes.

So in terms of Tato v5.0.0, this means we recently updated the big number to 5 (whenever you update a number, you reset all the numbers to the right of it.) 5 represents the number of changes we've made that are backwards-incompatible. For example, the original version of tato required a deposit up-front. Now, artists can select a deposit (or no deposit!) but this is not a feature that would work with Tato v1.0.0, so it's incompatible. A metaphor would be changing your kitchen cabinets is backwards compatible - the cabinets work the same. Knocking down the wall with the cabinets to add a breakfast nook is backwards incompatible - no more cabinets (or you moved them to a new spot!)

Maintaining these numbers is actually more annoying than you might think. For example, I'm kinda lazy with it with tato. We really should be on "version 8" or 9, but I'm lazy and I don't want to split up the code releases (between smaller features and bigger ones.) In our case (for a couple reasons), it doesn't really matter what we use for versioning, but it's good practice.

See You Next Time!

Yay, rant over!

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