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Nice to meet ya! My name is Heather (she/they) and I’m a tattooist based in Vancouver, BC.

I love tattooing anything from nature (all animals, flowers, mountains, bugs, basically if you can find it outside I'll love it). I love mixing bold linework with fineline details and calling to traditional oriental art.

I currently take on both flash and custom work. My current flash is available through my instagram story highlights as well as my website

Can't wait to meet ya!

Please take a look through my availability below before submitting a form, if you don't see any dates that work with your schedule please email me

* Please note that I don't accept every appointment request. It may be due to because I have already done the requested design multiple times, or because I don't think I am the right artist for the project, or the style is not what I am currently focusing my portfolio on.

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