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Tato Tattoo Booking
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All our policies are designed to be quick and easy to undestand. We stay out of the way of the Artist-Client Relationship. Our goal is to create a process that ends in more tattoos that are happily and successfully completed.

Terms We Use

Artist-Client Relationship: The interactions between the Tattoo Artist and the Client.

72-Hour Window: A booking time that is within 72 hours of the current time.

Secondary Confirmation: After the artist accepts your request, if you pick a booking time that is already within the 72-Hour Window, the booking requires Secondary Confirmation from the Artist to make sure they are ready and able to keep the appointment.

Full Refund: The deposit and the Service Fees are refunded. Otherwise only the deposit is refunded.

Data and Privacy

Third Party Services

We make use of a couple third party services to enhance and supplement the functionality of the booking tool. Generally speaking, you need to opt-in to using the integrations (so the choice is yours.)


What Is Rollbar?

Rollbar an online software company that provides our debugging/log retention tool. When a system error occurs, our integration sends Rollbar the record of the occurrence, and then rollbar allows us to view them all in one place.

Data Usage

This tool captures your email alongside the error log. We use this to reach out to people experiencing issues.

Opt-In / Opt-Out

You cannot opt-in not can you opt-out of this service. We use it internally across the entire project. Users do not get to choose their interactions with the tool.

Google Calendar

What Is Google Calendar?

It's a calendar service. We create, edit, and delete tato-related events in your calendar on your behalf.

Data Usage

The syncing only goes from tato to google. We do not scan your calendar data, we only query the events tato creates on our end. We store the calendar IDs of tato timeslots and bookings. That's it.

Opt-In / Opt-Out

You must opt-in to use the integration, and you can opt-out at anytime. When you opt-out, your Google Calendar will no longer get updated.

Stripe Connect

What Is Stripe Connect?

This allows us to take deposits and pay artists. Stripe is a payment processor. Stripe Connect is a product we use that allows us to "act as if we are Stripe" and perform transactions on your behalf. This is what allows us to hold the deposits until the booking is complete, and allows us to handle refunds, etc. entirely on our end.

Data Usage

Stripe captures all the financial data your clients put into the payment form. In order to get paid, Stripe requires you to enter a bank account and requests personal information to identify you. We only save referencial information that stripe provides so we can use their services without storing financial data.

Opt-In / Opt-Out

You must opt-in to use the integration, and you can opt-out at anytime. When you opt-out, you cannot accept deposits through tato.