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All our policies are designed to be quick and easy to undestand. We stay out of the way of the Artist-Client Relationship. Our goal is to create a process that ends in more tattoos that are happily and successfully completed.

Terms We Use

Artist-Client Relationship: The interactions between the Tattoo Artist and the Client.

72-Hour Window: A booking time that is within 72 hours of the current time.

Secondary Confirmation: After the artist accepts your request, if you pick a booking time that is already within the 72-Hour Window, the booking requires Secondary Confirmation from the Artist to make sure they are ready and able to keep the appointment.

Full Refund: The deposit and the Service Fees are refunded. Otherwise only the deposit is refunded.

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We love tattoos and the tattoo community. We take our role in the industry and community seriously and we attempt to be as respectful as possible to the industry. It is important to understand that Tato is a private product built and maintained by a private business.