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Way Less Emails

No more DM hell, scheduling is easy with Tato! We handle the annoying back and forth to find a time that works for both parties.

Get Paid, Easily

Fees are crystal clear and decided up front. Artists always get paid the full value of their deposit.

No Ads, Ever

Tato is free for artists and your information belongs to you. We will never sell your data or fill your screen with pop-ups.

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  • No more confusion over a booking's time and place.
  • Clients can preview your availability so they dont need to ask you everytime!
  • You can create time for guest spots, conventions, and travel without causing chaos in your schedule.

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  • Setting up banking for deposits is entirely optional.
  • You get the full value of the deposit once the booking is done. We handle all the fees.
  • Tato removes the awkward money talk and chasing people down for e-transfers.
Caveat: Deposits
As of right now only CANADIAN BANK ACCOUNTS are supported for CAD and USD. We are working on adding more currencies and methods of payment to the system. Reminder: Setting up banking for deposits is entirely optional.

Setting up banking for deposits is entirely optional. Using Deposits means clients can only book their request after they have paid the deposit. Once you are logged into your profile, you can Set Up Banking via the settings page.