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Hello, my name is Lindsey! I'm originally a Minnesota tattoo artist, but am now based in Vancouver, B.C. I'm also fully licensed (body art, BBP) and have been machine tattooing since 2020.

I love tattooing little creatures and other aspects of nature, niche media tats/fandom tats, and tattoo in an illustrative/cartoony black and grey style. The subject matter can be a whole lot of things really as long as I think I'd be a good fit for your project!

I tattoo flash, custom, and am happy to make custom designs inspired by flash I've already done :) You can peruse my available flash designs here

Please take a look at my availability below before submitting a form, if you don’t see any dates/times that work for your schedule please email me!

*Please note I won't accept every appointment request. It may be due to the design already having been claimed, because I don't think I'm the right artist for your project, or that the style is currently not what I'm focusing my portfolio on

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